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diagonshops's Journal

Diagon Alley
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All Members , Moderated
This is the official graphics/fanart/fanfiction/other creative works subcommunity for sortingitout. You must be an officially sorted member of that community to join.

With this community, you can create shops for different forms of creative works, in which members of the community can request you to make something for them. Upon completing a request, you can earn house points. To find how many points you can earn for each type of shop, check the point breakdown below.

Master List of Shops

Completed Request Form

Rules for Creating a Shop:
1. Your shop must have one of the following themes: icons, sigtags, banners (friends only, headers, wallpaper, et cetera), userinfo layouts, fanfiction, or fanart. You may not have a shop for page layouts for communities/personal LJs or sigtags for other communities. If you want to start a shop for some other kind of creative work, ask a Head first.
2. You may have more than one shop if you want to make shops for different themes.
3. Upon completing a request, fill out the completed request form linked above or you will not get points for it.
4. If you complete a request that does not comply with the rules (for example, a sigtag for another website or community), you will not gain points and will be warned. If you have enough warnings, your shop will be shut down.
5. You have the right to deny any request.
6. You must post three examples of your work in your shop under an LJ cut.
7. To create a shop, fill out the application below and submit it as a new post. It will then go to the moderation queue and be approved or denied by one of our moderators.
8. You cannot post any adult content.
9. You must post your shop's name in the subject line.

Rules for Requesting:
1. To request, comment that person's shop. Do not make a new post with your request or post about it in the Great Hall.
2. Do not request adult content.
3. Due to the fact that these words are worth house points, you can only request two in a row from someone in your house and receive points from them. If you request more than two in a row from members of your house, they can choose to complete them, but you will not be getting house points until you request two from other houses.
4. If we see too many requests from members of a house for their own house, the Heads will look into it and decide what to do accordingly.

Point Breakdown:
1. Icons: 5.
2. Sigtags: 10.
3. Banners (friends only, headers, wallpaper, et cetera): 15.
4. Fanfiction: Five hundred words or less: 20. More than five hundred words: 30.
5. Fanart: 30.
6. Userinfo layouts: 30.

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